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Welcome to West Star Radio Promotors of signed and unsigned indie bands from around the world.Each presenter has there own speacial show dedicated to the genure of their choosing. Indie bands get airtime and song play in exchange for their material. Be sure to check out our schedule for your favourite presenter and show.

DJ Pete's Country and requests promoting country music from around the world based in the UK you can enjoy his performance every wednesday

West Star Club presented by DJ Stuy promoting the club scene with edm and trance join him every Friday night.

Disco bopping with DJ Darren from Australia join him for his fast pace show every Saturday

DJ Sparta presenting his show live from the NO Blinks night spot Florida USA join him every Saturday

Electronic Fusion Show presented by DJ Brainvoyager from the Netherlands join his show every Friday night check our schedule for the replayed shows

Got a band and want promotion then join DJ Struthmate for the The Struthmate show live from OZ catch his show every Tuesday and Wednesday

Current Team Members

West Star Radio is looking for a team to help promote the signed and unsigned bands of the world not only via radio and social media but also through profile building, management, Web design and other means of promotion.If you would like to join the team then please do fill in the contact form to the right and together we can be an essential tool in music promotion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the signed and unsigned bands of the worlld and create a better connection in promoting. As above we have been promoting bands via radio for an umber of years now with tthe successfull shows of The Struthmate Show and The Electronic Fusion special thanks goes to DJ Struthmate, And BrainVoyager for supporting our course and valible input overthe years.

Team Sign Up

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West Star Promoted Venues

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